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My name is Brent and I have a car I would like to have shipped from Almelo, Holland to ontario canada.Could you tell me how much.

Asked by Brent on 2/28/2013 under category Moving Companies

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Nicole La Capria
Answered on 4/17/2013

Hi Brent,

The cost of shipping your car overseas will depend on a variety of factors. The size, make and model of your car, the distance you are shipping it, the shipping method you choose, insurance and several other factors will all affect the the final cost.

International Shipping Methods

There are two ways to ship a car overseas: Roll on/Roll off Service and Container Service.

  • Roll-on and Roll-off Service: With this method, your vehicle is simply driven or rolled onto the ship, where it is protected by the deck. This is the most cost-effective way to ship your vehicle.
  • Container Service: If you have a luxury or collectible car, you will probably opt for this method. Your vehicle will be placed in an individual container and then rolled onto the ship. While this is considerably more costly, it is the safest way to ship a car overseas.

Type of Car

The kind of car you have will always have an effect on the expense. Larger, heavier vehicles, such as trucks, SUVs and vans, are more expensive to ship than compact cars. Cars that are not running efficiently or require special care will always incur higher costs. Additionally, if you have a luxury or rare collectible car, you will pay more because you will want to ship it using container service and will likely have higher insurance costs.


Most auto shippers charge per mile to ship your vehicle. Your car will have to travel from Almelo, Holland to Ontario, Canada. Though you haven't provided your destination city, Almelo is about 3800 miles from Ontario's capital, Toronto. According to online resources, the transport of your vehicle by roll-on and roll-off service can range between €975 ($1,280) to €2055 ($2,700) or more depending on the size, make and model of your vehicle. For container service, it may range from €1,350 ($1,770) to €2,085 ($2,738) or more. These charges are for port to port only, you will be charged extra for door-to-door service.

Other Costs

  • Insurance: It is imperative that you acquire adequate insurance coverage to protect your vehicle during transit. Shipping insurance will cost about 1.5 percent to two percent of your vehicle's value.
  • Duties/import taxes: Customs duties will vary depending on the goods and country. Contact the Canadian embassy/consulate for more information on the taxes as well as the regulations for importing your car. Some vehicles may not even be legally permitted to enter the country.
  • Paperwork fees: The necessary paperwork may include two copies of a notarized title, a Shipper Export Declaration Form, and a Declaration of Dangerous Goods form.

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