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Enclosed Trailers

I am trying to ship a car. Do you provide completely enclosed trailers?

Asked by Karleen on 8/20/2013 under category Moving Companies

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Jenna Farmer
Answered on 8/21/2013

Hello and welcome to! I’ll be happy to address your question about auto shipping.

There are a few different types of services when it comes to shipping your car, and you want to be sure you have thoroughly researched all options before you make any decisions. does not provide any moving services directly, but we assist in getting you the service you need.

Once you are done researching your auto shipping choices, you can fill out a fast and easy quote form here at and get up to seven quotes from auto transport services in your area.

Enclosed trailers

Since you are interested in the enclosed trailer option, here’s a bit more information for you:

  • Enclosed trailers tend to be the more expensive option when it comes to shipping your car; however, if you need complete protection for your vehicle, the investment will help to avoid any damages that may occur during the move
  • The trailer is a fully covered, solid container. It will have a roof over your car, as well as additional protection on the sides and back. Your car will be covered fully from dust, debris and environmental conditions
  • Enclosed trailers vary in size depending on the cars it will be transporting
  • Enclosed carriers also make use of soft tie-downs and climate control systems in order to deliver your vehicle in the right shape and condition. The climate control systems help to ensure that your vehicle is transported with a consistent temperature

For more information, check out our guide that compares open air vs. enclosed trailers.

Thanks again for visiting, and good luck shipping your car!

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