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Estimating moving costs

What is APPROXIMATE cost to move 1,000 lbs of household effects - to fill a space of about 10ft x 10ft x 10 ft - from Calgary to Hua Hin Thailand?

Asked by Helen on 4/9/2014 under category Moving Companies

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Nicole La Capria
Answered on 4/11/2014

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The cost of your international move will depend on the international moving company you choose, the services you require (crating, packing, etc.), and the method you desire (air freight vs. sea freight). Sea freight is usually more affordable, but it will take longer to receive your shipment.

You will also have to consider customs fees and duties, destination port fees, terminal handling charges, custom inspection charges, customs clearance, delivery-to-door charges, packing materials, and extra fees for oddly-shaped or unusually heavy items.

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