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How can I protect myself from any extra or surprise charges after company has my stuff in their possession?

How can I protect myself from any extra or surprise charges after company has my stuff in their possession?

Asked by Sandy on 4/4/2014 under category Moving Companies

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Jenna Farmer
Answered on 4/7/2014

Hi, thank you for visiting to find an answer to your question on protecting yourself from extra or surprise charges.

Each moving company is different when it comes to any extra fees you may incur during the moving process. The best way to avoid any unwanted surprises is to be as detailed as possible about your move when the estimator is surveying your goods.

Some additional costs you may encounter:

  • If you end up moving more goods than you had at your original estimate, this increases your cubic feet total, and therefore will increase your final bill 
  • If your mover has to carry items up numerous flights of stairs to get to your home (usually one flight of stairs inside the home is included)
  •  If your moving company has to use its own packing materials such as boxes or tape, you will be charged extra
  • If the moving truck or trailer cannot park close to your home, the movers may need to bring a smaller shuttle to transport your goods, which is an added fee
  • If you purchase additional insurance, like full value protection, this will of course be an added expense on your bill (keep in mind moving companies are only cover a mere 30 to 60 cents per pound on your items – so extra insurance is recommended for your valuables)


Protect yourself prior to the move:

Ideally, you want to protect yourself before you sign a contract and before the mover has your items. Do a background check on the company. Read your estimate and contract thoroughly, going through the fine print, and ask any questions you feel need to be answered better. Once the moving company has your items,it will be much harder to negotiate price changes.

If the movers already have your items, the best thing for you to do is to keep an open line of communication with customer service or the driver while your goods are in transit. Ask them about any fees they could potentially add on once they arrive at your destination.

Thanks so much again got visiting, and best wishes on your upcoming move! 

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