I have a 8 x 12 shed in my yard that I want to

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I have a 8 x 12 shed in my yard that I want to relocate elsewhere in my yard.......do u do this? thanks, Evonna

i have a 8 x 12 shed that i want to relocate elsewhere in my yard, do you people do this? thanks

Asked by Evonna on 10/4/2014 under category Others

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Cassandra Rose
Answered on 10/6/2014

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to visit us here at TopMoving.ca.

To move your shed within your yard, you will want to look into hiring some moving labour.

Moving labour

Unlike regular movers, moving labour is just the labour aspect of moving, with helpers moving items within your home, such as a shed from one place in your yard to another.

Finding movers

To begin finding movers in your area, head to our Ontario moving page or perform a wider search by filling out this fast and free quote form.

Thanks for your question and good luck moving your shed!

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