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I would like to ship my bedroom with up to 10 boxes from Victoria to toronto. How much am I looking at in terms of cost?

Moving to Toronto from Victoria

Asked by Blake on 3/31/2013 under category Moving Companies

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Answered on 4/19/2013

Moving a bedroom of belongings from Victoria to Toronto, Canada and want to know the cost?

It's going to depend on a few factors to tally the final figure. The type of service, distance and weight of your shipment will all matter when moving from one city to the next. 

Type of Service

The most relevant factor in deciding the fee is the type of service you choose to use. If you do it yourself it, packing, loading and hitching a small trailer to your car will obviously be cheaper than hiring a small moving company. 


If you do hire a small moving company, the distance and weight of the shipment will be factored into the final cost. It is a long-distance move, approximately 2,100 miles, from Victoria to Toronto, Canada. Depending on the price of gas and how long it takes the company to get from your origin to destination will matter most in how much money they charge you.  


The weight of the 10 boxes definitely depends on what articles you have arranged in the cardboard containers. If you have mostly clothes in the boxes and not books per say, it is obviously going to weigh and cost less to transport. 

If you can bring the amount of boxes down from 10 to 7 by simply condensing, you can change your entire method of moving.  If you reduce your items, shipping the boxes may turn out to be relatively cheaper than moving them.

After you decide what is going in the boxes and how you plan on getting them to Toronto, then you can come up with an approximate cost. Until then it is hard to figure. What can be said is that moving a one-bedroom apartment at the standard cost of 3,000 miles will cost you up to $3,800. Suffice to say getting your 10 boxes to Toronto will be much cheaper than transporting a one-bedroom apartment.

To compare the cost of services and decide if you would like to hire a small moving company, visit If you choose a small moving company, after settling in Toronto, please take the time to fill out a moving review to let others know on the company served you.

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