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If i have only several boxes and one mini bed side drawer i ship it for cheaper?

I want to know if i can ship it for cheaper and not ask for a giant truck since i only have like ten big boxes. From rouyn noranda to saint lazare In quebec

Asked by Selly on 4/21/2013 under category Moving Companies

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Jenna Farmer
Answered on 5/9/2013

So you've decided that shipping your goods in boxes to your new location is the best option for you. Great!

Here are a few things you’ll need to know about the cost of shipping your items:


There are plenty of ways to ship your packages, via Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, etc – these companies will vary in price depending on where your packages are going.

Your decision should be based on reliability of the carrier, speed of shipping and cost. Keep in mind that expedited and overnight shipping can cost much more than standard ground, so you may want to opt for a more economical option that will typically take two weeks. Click here for a grid of some standard Canada Post parcel shipping services, and here for rates. Shipping a 50-pound package from  Rouyn-noranda to Saint Lazare, for example, would cost approximately $60.

More Information

Check back to our guide on shipping options for more information on ways to ship. You should be aware of the things you cannot ship

If you're not sure if shipping your packages is the right move for you, you can get a free quote for moving services right here at and After your move,come back and review your experience for us!

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