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International move USA to Canada

Hi - we are looking for an accreditted international mover to move us from Virgina USA to Victoria BC

Asked by Andries on 1/29/2015 under category International Moving

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Jenna Farmer
Answered on 1/30/2015

Hi, thanks so much for visiting - I'll be happy to point you in the right direction when it comes to finding an international mover for your relocation from the USA to Canada

Finding the right international moving company

International movers and shipping services can be a tricky subject, because they are much more involved than even a long distance move that spans thousands of miles. You'll want to be sure you find a company that can answer all of your important questions, set you up with a knowledgeable destination agent, and assist you in the customs and documentation process -- which can get lengthy. 

Since you are moving from the USA to BC, the easiest thing to do is visit the international movers quote form page on our sister site, Here, you will just need to fill out your zip code in Virginia, and select 'Canada' from the drop down menu. After you've filled out a few more details about your move, up to seven qualified international movers in your area will contact you with free moving quotes! 

Thank you again for visiting, and good luck with your move to Victoria!

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