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moving 2 items from Banff Alberta Canada to Brisbane Queensland Australia. Sizes are 140x19x72 cm and 156x20x30how much will it cost

bike and snowboard both weigh in under 30 kg each

Asked by Andrew on 10/24/2013 under category Moving Companies

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Nicole La Capria
Answered on 10/25/2013

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To ship your items internationally, you will have to choose carrier that suits your needs. The cost will depend on the shipper you choose and the apcking materials required to wrap your bicycle and snowboard.

Typically, most carriers will offer the following services:

  • International Delivery
  • Express International Delivery
  • International Freight Shipping
  • Same-day shipping

International freight shipping and same-day shipping services may not be offered through your carrier, so make sure to check if these services are available online or contact the shipper directly.

Preparing Your Shipment

There will be documentation required for each international shipping method. This can be located on a carrier's website or at their store locations.

Certain carriers will require that you fill out one of their international shipment labels. You may be able to print out the required label from the shipper's website or at the carrier's location.


Beofre shipping a package internationally, you should chck the customs regulations in the destination country. You may need to fill out a Customs form to send with your package. The Customs form can be obtained through your shipping carrier and will include the following information:

  • The sender's and recipient's contact information
  • The package's contents
  • The approximate value of the package's contents

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