I'm looking to move a clawfoot tub.

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moving a tub

looking for 12 men to bring a clawfoot tub from the driveway to the 2nd floor. What would the cost be?

Asked by Sandra on 5/18/2016 under category Moving Labor

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Monica Dufour
Answered on 5/18/2016

Hi and thank you for visiting TopMoving.ca!

Moving Labour
It appears you need moving labour. These movers help you move big items like pianos, antiques, and bath tubs, like your clawfoot tub. Generally, a crew would come to your home with the necessary equipment. They usually charge by the hour, per crew member. 

Get a quote
Unfortunately, we don't offer a quote form for specific moving labourers just yet. But you can fill out our regular moving quote form, then discuss the specifics with the companies that contact you. They should be able to point you in the right direction. 

I hope this helps and good luck with your clawfoot tub!

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