moving from ontario canada to calgary alberta

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moving from ontario canada to calgary alberta

moving from windsor ontario canada to calgary alberta. what is the cost. Will there be any additional cost or surprises after move. Insured and bonded? How long does it take to receive my belongings. May reply to e-mail address listed below.

Asked by Sophia on 7/28/2014 under category Moving Companies

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Jenna Farmer
Answered on 7/29/2014

Hi, thank you for visiting with your question about the cost of moving from Windsor, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta. I will be happy to help you with your question. 

The cost of interprovincial moving  

Your move to a new province/territory is going to going to cost you money, but the amount will vary significantly based on a few different factors:

  • The amount/weight of goods you'll need to be moved: Do you have a one-bedroom apartment, or a five-bedroom house? The weight of your shipment/truck load will be a major factor in determining the price of your move
  • The distance you will be moving: Your move is long distance, and therefore will be charged by the distance, and not by the hour (local moves generally charge per hour worth of labour)
  • The services you require: Do you need everything packed for you? Or will you be packing all of your boxes, and simply need blanket wrapping for your furniture? Do you need packing materials? Most moving companies charge extra for that
As far as your other concerns go, we have a lot of helpful information about spotting hidden moving fees, how to perform a background check on a moving company (so you know if they are licensed and bonded) and how to choose a moving company. The estimated delivery of your shipment will have to be something you discuss with your potential moving company, because it will depend on if your shipment is a full load that will be headed directly to your new home (more costly), or if it is part of a consolidated shipment. 
Finding long distance movers
While cannot provide you with a direct quote for your move, we can assist you infinding a company that's right for your moving needs. Start now and fill out our quote form -- you'll be connected with up to seven qualified moving companies in your area ready to give you free moving estimates.