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Need to move a Pool Heater

We are looking to move a 200 pound pool heater down to our backyard from our garage. Can anyone help with this

Asked by Sean on 6/25/2013 under category Moving Companies

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Answered on 6/26/2013

Welcome and thank you for asking  how to help you move your pool heater.

Yes it is that time of year. Preparing the pool for the summer season is an exhausting chore, but well worth it in the end when you are floating in warm clean water on your favorite raft soaking up the sun with a beverage in your hand.

But before you can dip your feet in to said warm water, you have to move the heavy heater to the pool. Since it is a 200 lb unit, you will most definitely need a lightweight mover's dolly. This unique tool can be found at most home improvement stores or online at Harbor Freight Tools. By using this apparatus, you will avoid all strain to your back, keeping both you and any friends who are helping you free from harm.

If you are not comfortable moving the heater with a friend, then reach out any one of the local movers in your area and ask about help with small moves. Most often, companies will come out and move an item for a much lower cost than a full-service job. With professional help, you are sure to get the heater exactly where it needs to be so you can begin enjoying the oasis in your backyard.

After you have successfully used a dolly with the help of your friends or paid a small fee for professional movers to bring your heater from the garage to the pool, please take a moment and fill out a moving review so others can benefit from your moving experience.


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