Shipping to Australia and a bike

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Shipping to Australia and a bike

I need to move a few boxes and a bike to Melbourne, Australia from Vancouver (Kitsilano). Who can you recommend for bikes?

Asked by Claire on 7/12/2013 under category Moving Companies

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Jenna Farmer
Answered on 7/15/2013

Hi there, and thanks for visiting for your question. 

While I cannot refer you to a specific company, I will be glad to point you in the right direction to help you attain the services you are currently looking for.

Since you only have a few items, you can look into what would be considered a "small move," (generally, moves under 1,000 pounds) or even a "specialty move," which can include things like antiques, motorcycles and pianos. You can learn more about Specialty movers under the guide section of our website.  

In your situation, however, it is probably best that you look into international moves since you will be having to ship your items to Australia. This requires a different set of rules than if you were simply moving these boxes down the street, or even across Canada. 

To get started, you can get free moving quotes from many international moving services in your area. Once you've received multiple quotes, you can begin to call these companies to discuss your specific moving needs.  Be sure to ask any potential mover about the company's experience, insurance, and freight forwarding options. These companies should be knowledgable in regards to customs rules and regulations, and will be able to further assist you with any concerns you may have. 

Thank you again for visiting, and good luck with your move to Melbourne!  

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