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Shipping to India

Hi, I need to ship some household goods--clothes, books etc(1-2 cubic meters MAX) from Edmonton, AB to India. Advice please.

Asked by Nell on 6/9/2013 under category Moving Companies

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Answered on 6/10/2013

So you're off to India from Canada. With so much to do during this exciting move, you want to assure you can ship your clothes and books safely so they arrive in India unscathed.

The first thing you need to do is pack. Packing books may sound simple enough, but if not covered and contained correctly for an international shipment, your best sellers may not necessarily arrive in the best condition. After packing your books, you will want to pack your wardrobe, making sure your clothing is kept in good condition during its travels.

Since international moves are much more detailed than relocating within the same country, you should prepare yourself for international shipping regulations and prohibitions that must be followed if you ship your noted household items. In the case that you decide to ship more than clothing and books, finding the shipment may be quite expensive, you may want to look into finding international movers at approximately the same price who will take care of the needed paperwork while transporting your household items.

As you must follow all rules and regulations regarding your international shipment, you too must be prepared with the international paperwork needed for your move to India.

Once you arrive safely in India and breath in the beauty of the country as you settle in, please take moment to fill out a moving review form so you can share your experience with others who are making the thrilling venture you are about to take. 



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