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In Manitoba, what are the legal action steps a storage company can take against you for non payment after 60 days..if they still have your stuff in storage?

Asked by Nicole on 11/15/2013 under category Moving Companies

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Nicole La Capria
Answered on 11/18/2013

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According to the Canada Self Storage Association, the laws regarding storage operators' legal authority can be a bit blurry. "The continued lack of industry specific lien legislation" makes the task of bringing a non-paying customer's belongings to auction, or even disposing of them, a confusing and difficult task.

According to the CSSA, personal property law is "a very complex and broad form of law", so the specific legal action your storage company will (or is legally permitted to) take may depend greatly on your situation.

For more information on self-storage legislation in Canada, please visit the Canada Self Storage Association.

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