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Hi, I am moving to Toronto by bus, but they dont accept two suitcases only one. I would like to know if you transport one suitcase from Montreal to Toronto? Thank you

Asked by Helena on 12/12/2014 under category Others

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Mike Sannitti
Answered on 12/12/2014

Thanks for visiting I'll be happy to help you with your question about moving a suitcase. 

You have three options: Limit your items to one suitcase, ship your suitcase with Canada Post, or hire long distance movers.

Limit your load

If you are moving just two suitcases of belongings, it is unlikely your load can get much smaller. However, if the bus allows some sort of carry-on bag in addition to a luggage suitcase, you could perhaps scale down even further to avoid needing to ship your second suitcase.

Reassess your items in your inventory by asking yourself these questions:
  • Have I used these items recently? Do I really need them?
  • Can I buy similar items at my destination?
  • Are all of these items appropriate for the nature and duration of my move?
  • Can I sell, donate, or throw out any of this?

Ship your suitcase with Canada Post

Since you only need to move one additional suitcase to Toronto, you could ship it through Canada Post. This will cost you more money than taking the bus with one suitcase, but it will cost less than hiring movers.

Visit Canada Post's website to see rates for your suitcase based on its size and to also double check if what you're moving is allowed to be shipped. You may need to pack your suitcase into a shipping box.

Hire movers

If you don't want to deal with postage, you're going to need to hire a long distance mover. Your load will be very light, so while that aspect of the move will be relatively cheap, the distance of the move will make it expensive. Movers typically move bigger loads and are expected to do some lifting and loading, so the prices may be higher than what you need.

If you do decide to use a mover:
  • Fill out a quote form on our long distance moving page
  • Browse through the list of movers able to do the move based on the information you entered
  • Get at least three different estimates from three companies to find a good price
  • When you contact the movers make it clear that you are only moving one suitcase worth of items and will not need any additional services

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