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What is the cost of moving a car from Halifax N.S. to Gothenburg, Sweden by Roll on, roll off ship or by container ???

2000 Cadillac Eldorado

Asked by Dan on 9/25/2014 under category Auto Transport

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Mike Sannitti
Answered on 9/26/2014

Hi, thanks for visiting Topmoving.ca. Let me try to help you with your question about shipping a car internationally.

The cost of shipping a car overseas can vary considerably depending on the specifics of the car, the destination, and the international shipper you choose. For that reason, I cannot give you an accurate estimate myself. You need to get a few different estimates from a few moving companies in order to get a true sense of the price. I can help you get that information.

We have several international moving companies that ship out of Halifax in our database. Search our list of licensed international movers to find ones who have experience shipping cars.

Sweden's customs regulations may be different than other countries, so you should look for moving companies that have experience shipping cars there. There is a fair amount of documentaiton needed for shipping a car overseas and the policies of each country can change without warning so having an international moving company that is familiar with recent Swedish customs regulations is invaluable.

If a company's online profile does not mention shipping cars or experience with Sweden, you could use their contact information to ask them about their services yourself.

You should also ask them about their rates for roll-on roll-off shipping versus container shipping. RORO shipping is usually the cheaper option for shipping cars overseas but it also leaves the car more exposed to the conditions of the cargo deck. Most companies should be able to use either method.

If you are unsatisfied with the moving companies in Halifax, you could do a broader search in ourinternational movers section. Some moving companies can travel outside of their city to move your car.

Don't stop once you get the first quote from a company. In order to find a fair price, you should compare at least three estimates. Once you know what a fair price to import your car into Sweden is, you can choose the international moving company that is right for the job.

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