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Would your company assist with just loading a POD, so all I would need is a couple of men to help load the POD

I am renting a POD because I will be between homes and I need only moving labor and was wondering what the cost would be?

Asked by Freida on 6/6/2016 under category Moving Labor

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Cassandra Rose
Answered on 6/7/2016

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to visit us here at TopMoving.ca.

To get help loading your POD, we recommend contacting local movers to see if they can assist you!

Local movers
Since wrapping, packing, loading and unloading are daily parts of a mover's job, a local company would be perfect to help pack your POD.

Getting quotes
To find assistance in your area, simply head to our local movers page and fill out the free quote form to start receiving no-cost estimates! When the movers contact you, be sure to explain the situation to them in detail.

Thanks for your question and good luck loading your POD!

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