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Summer Moving Tips

Moving during the summer may seem like a good decision. Maybe you have family members that have off during the summer... or maybe just because there's less of a chance of a blizzard.    While it may seem like a smart decision to plan your move for the summer months, it can actual... more

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Leaving Your Home for Vacation

You're on the last leg of summer, and you're patiently awaiting that final day when you set out for a much deserved vacation. With all the excitement and anticipation of leaving for a lengthy amount of time, you must get a few priorities in order first. When it comes to leaving your house with your ... more

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There's Something in the Water!

A familiar face appears in Nova Scotia Pumpkin has been found in Nova Scotia's very own Minas Basin. When you hear that name, you are probably thinking it's some domestic animal that got loose. However, what if I told you Pumpkin was a great white shark? Well, Pumpkin IS a great white shark, and she... more

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