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5 Winter Moving Hacks for a Warm, Safe Move!

Moving in the winter is the worst--if lugging all of your possessions from one place to another wasn't stressful enough, try doing it in frigid temperatures and hazardous conditions! If you're planning to brave a winter move, check out these 5 simple hacks to stay safe and warm during the process.

Salt and sand your walkways

Icy sidewalks and stairs pose a serious hazard when lugging heavy boxes and furniture in and out of your home. Whether you have hired moving help or simply enlisted a few strong friends to pitch in, be sure all pathways are clear of snow and spread salt or sand to increase traction on slippery surfaces. Be sure to do it at both your old and new home, too!

Lay cardboard down on your floors
Wet, muddy boots can do serious damage to your carpets or hardwood floors. If you're hiring movers, they may provide protection for your floors--be sure to ask when receiving your estimate. Otherwise, spread sheets of cardboard down where your moving help will be walking to shield your floors from moisture and sludge.

Pack your coffee pot with your first-night essentials
When you arrive in your new home, the first thing you'll want to do to fight the cold is enjoy a mug of your favourite steaming hot beverage. However, if your coffee pot is packed away on the moving truck, you may have to wait until the mover arrive with your shipment--which can take up to several weeks for a long distance move. Instead, be sure to pack your coffee maker, coffee, and tea bags in a box or bag packed in your own vehicle--known as a first-night kit. A first-night kit contains all your essential items for day to day life so they are easily accessible when you arrive at your new home--making your transition that much easier!

Turn your furnace on in advance
No one wants to be greeted by a frigidly cold home! If your new home is nearby, turn the furnace on the day before your move so your home is warm and toasty when you arrive.

Use plastic bags to keep your feet dry
If you're trudging through snow, hauling your belongings out to a truck, you want to ensure your feet stay warm and dry. Of course, proper footwear is essential--such as sturdy, closed toe boots. However, make sure your feet stay even dryer by placing plastic bags over your socks or wrapping them in plastic cling wrap before putting your boots on.

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