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Canada's Best Places to Live 2016

Every year, Money Sense comes out with a comprehensive ranking of Canada's best places to live. With data collected from Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomeration, and Census Subdivisions, 219 communities were ranked among 35 categories including demographics, wealth/income, housing affordability, weather, commute and crime. From coast-to-coast, a winner emerged in each region.

St. Albert, Alberta. Population: 72,153. Overall Rank: #4.

Located just outside the middle of downtown, St. Albert is a great place to raise a family. It is home to the International Children's Festival of the Arts, which attracts more than 50,000 visitors each year. The median incomes are among the highest in the province, even higher than Edmonton, but the home prices are closer to what you'd find downtown, making it not only attractive to those with children, but also affordable. 

Moncton, New Brunswick. Population: 147,391. Overall Rank: #49.

Moncton is part of the beautiful region of Atlantic Canada. With the stunning fjords of Gros Morne National Park and the historical landmarks like the Citadel hidden in plain view in Halifax, Atlantic Canada has a lot to offer tourism. But the best place to live is another story. A great city is affordable and has the best job opportunities and Moncton fits the bill. It also hosts a wide range of free events for residents to enjoy without spending any money.

West Vancouver, British Columbia. Population: 45,798. Overall Rank: #7.

Greater Vancouver is a group of small unique communities. The downtown is densely populated and filled with shops and restaurants. West Vancouver is less busy and more laid back than the rest of the area. It is extremely safe, wealthy, and has all of the amenities you'd want in a city. However, affordability is an issue as the median home price is almost $2 million and the sheer cost of living means that it isn't an option for everyone.

Ottawa, Ontario. Population: 961,921. Overall Rank: #1.

Taking the top spot, the nation's capital displays all the characteristics of the best city to live in. Besides its strong economy and high income, Ottawa is full of well-paying jobs thanks to the hot tech community and high-paying government roles. It is also one of the most pedestrian and transit-friendly cities in the province, and with the city's new light rail slated to open in 2018, that rating is only going to increase.

Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Population: 11,507. Overall Rank: #28

This agricultural town in the Prairies is home to the largest inland grain-gathering point in Canada and has almost every amenity you'd need. Homes in this community are much cheaper than in the big cities and with the town's higher-than-average household income, they are more than affordable. Families in Weyburn are able to save more money for retirement and investments which has helped make the average household net worth the highest in the province.

Boucherville, Quebec. Population: 42,916. Overall Rank: #5

Last year's winner slipped to fifth place this year, partially because of a dip in the population growth rate compared to the other cities vying for the top spot. Only 30 minutes from Montreal, Boucherville is home to several major companies and has it's own economy. The unemployment rate is among the lowest in Canada and household incomes are double that of Montreal, which is struggling with unemployment and low wages.

Whitehorse, Yukon. Population: 28,669. Overall Rank: #81

Only two cities in the Territories are large enough to qualify for a ranking on this list Whitehorse and Yellowknife. Both cities are central locations for government workers and hosts to mining workers and outdoor adventurers. Whitehorse is the larger and more affordable of the two and more than 70 percent of residents own their own homes. 

Where does your town rank? Click here to view the complete list and let us know in the comments!

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