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Donate Clothing Before Your Move

Giveaway Stuff You Don't WearWhat's the best way to cleanse yourself before a move? Donate your old clothes. According to The Wall Street Journal, the average person "regularly wear[s] just 20% of their wardrobe." Instead of boxing them up and carrying them all the way to your new abode, give them to one of the following philanthropic organizations to spread some good karma. 

Salvation Army
Who began it: William Booth, a British minister, as a way to bring Christian beliefs to action
Why it started: to provide relief to the destitute in the form of shelter, schooling, food, and general compassion
What they accept: gently used clothing, housewares, furniture, electronics in working condition, toys, and media
How to donate: thrift store locations or neighborhood drop bins
Where the proceeds go: addiction and rehabilitation programs, job training, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and other charity programs

Oasis Clothing Bank
Who began it: Andonis Artemakis as a way to support Oasis Addiction Recovery Society
Why it started: to promote recovery from addiction and reintegration into society
What they accept: gently used clothing, housewares, certain electronics in working condition, toys, CDs and DVDs
How to donate: office or hosted drop bins
Where the donations go: to those struggling without simple necessities or sold to fund rehabilitation programs

Who began it: writer/activist June Callwood as a way to assist young mothers
Why it started: to support girls whether they decide to terminate or raise a child 
What they accept: baby clothes and maternity wear
How to donate: at The June Callwood Centre for Young Women
Where the donations go: counseling, housing, health services, parenting help, education, and care taking

Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline
Who began it: Doctor Charles Best, the first physician to purify insulin 
Why it started: provincial organizations joined resources to fight the diabetes epidemic
What they accept: gently used clothing, housewares, cell phones, computers, toys, and textbooks
How to donate: pick up from your home, sold through Value Village
Where the proceeds go: diabetes research, education and advocacy

Where do you donate your old things?

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