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Effects of Donald Trump’s Ban

More Illegal Crossing Since American BanA startling new trend show migrants illegally entering Canada more and more. This past year, border officials report 1,222 citizens asked for refugee status; these individuals crossed into Canada but did not pass through law enforcement checkpoints to produce proper paperwork. November’s tally alone surpassed all of 2015. So, what exactly happened in that month?

Donald Trump.

Jamie Liew, a lawyer and professor at the University of Ottawa, is not surprised. "The rhetoric coming from [his U.S. political] discussion ... was filled with a lot of concerning language, including hate; exclusion; deportation ... I could see why people would be concerned for their own safety, their own lives, and evaluate whether they could live (there). It really doesn’t matter what country [they come] from. That is not the central issue ... What really matters is how people are being treated on the ground, and protected by the state that they’re in."

 Donald Trump's recent immigration ban, originally blocked by several federal judges, restricted refugees and travelers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. After sixteen attorney generals spoke out against the order, Trump dismissed Sally Yates (the United States Deputy Attorney General). It's important to note that Trump excluded Muslim-majority countries linked to his business ties. The Cato Institute's research shows that no foreign-born terrorist came from any country blocked.

Per statistics, very few of those citizens requesting are United States citizens. Does this draw a direct correlation between the heavy flow and the
"Muslim ban" proposed by Donald Trump? And what's different in Canada?

Camille Habel, a representative for the Canadian police, explains that they find around 90% of those who cross the border illegally via surveillance cameras, resident reports, and routine sweeps. She asserted that they usually do not hide and are checked for injuries, frostbite, and other health concerns. "Everyone is well treated, everyone is treated the same as any other human being in Canada. The only reason they can be put in prison is if they had done something illegal like [trying] to smuggle drugs or contraband, or if we find out they're part of a criminal network."

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