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Escaping the US Election? Moving to Canada is About to Get Easier

For months, Americans on both ends of the political spectrum have been threatening to move to Canada if their candidate doesn't get elected this fall.  For the most part, these were empty threats, even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn't take them seriously, but now the new American dream of moving north is about to get much easier.


The Canadian parliament is expected to sign into law an enormous package of immigration reform when it convenes in the fall, according to The Daily Dot. The changes will affect families, married couples, skilled workers, and yes, all of those American refugees. 

Changes to the Citizenship Act

An Act to Amend the Citizenship Act proposes changes in legislation that would provide more flexibility for applicants trying to meet the requirements for citizenship and will help immigrants obtain citizenship faster.

The changes would reduce the time required to be spent physically in Canada to three years, one year less than is currently necessary. In addition, up to one year spent in Canada on a visitor's visa will now count toward this requirement. See the rest of the proposed changes here.

The reform is part of Trudeau's campaign platform to make immigrating to Canada easier. According to Statistics Canada, 300,000 new Canadian citizens are expected in 2016. And after the November election, there's a good chance there will be even more in 2017.

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