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Happy 4/20!

Canadian CannabisWhether or not you partake, everyone knows what 4/20 symbolizes. Prime minister Justin Trudeau plans to legalize recreational marijuana use in the near future, making it the second nation to do so... right after Uruguay. His plan will allow anyone over the age of 18 buy fresh or dried cannabis (oil, seeds, or plant-based), carry up to 30 grams in public, and grow four or less plants in their residence.

However, the legislation also plans to crack down on the sale of cannabis-infused products. Sharing marijuana with someone underage will result in a 14 year prison sentence. Trudeau is calling for strict punishment for trafficking, exporting, and impaired driving along with the legalization. 

43 licensed dispensaries anticipate the new market. Currently, they send medical strains to customers via the postal service, but there's no word on availability in brick-and-mortar locations. The government will permit advertising and promotion -- just no endorsements. 

How do you feel about the new proposal? Tell us in the comments!

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