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Helpful Hacks for Your Summer Move

Planning a move this summer? While the season is a popular and convenient time for relocation, the following hacks will make it even easier for you and your family!

Purge your junk with a yard sale

Summer is the perfect season for yard sales, which makes it easy to downsize your stuff before you move. The less items you have to move, the lower your costs (and the less you'll have to pack) so get started  eliminating your junk and make some extra cash!

Use homemade dessicant packs for storage
Keeping your belongings in a storage unit or a POD temporarily until you move? High summer temperatures and sticky humidity can destroy your precious possessions. Prevent moisture accumulation with homemade dessicant packs made from a piece of fabric and moisture-absorbing crystals, such as silica gel. Sew two squares of fabric together on three sides to create a pocket, turn it inside out, and fill it with the silica crystals. Fold in the top, pin it shut and then sew it closed. Keep the packs in your storage space, POD, or even in moving boxes with especially delicate or heat/humidity-sensitive items--like leather, fur, or photos.

Be careful with perishables and flammable items
Items like food, aerosol cans, cleaning products, and nail polish remover are susceptible to extreme temperatures and are usually prohibited on a moving truck. Food may spoil, and chemicals can combust or cause fires. Always pack flammable items in an air-conditioned vehicle and transport them yourself for your move. Perishable food can be packed with ice in a cooler if you do not throw it away before your departure.

Get quality supplies
Hot and sticky summer air can cause cheap, ineffective packing supplies to fall apart, leaving your belongings vulnerable. Only purchase high quality tape that will remain secure in high humidity, heavy-duty boxes that won't easily collapse, and heavy permanent marker that won't smear on your boxes and belongings when labelling.

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