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Is it Time for a New Roof ?

When is it time to replace a roof? The roof is the most detrimental component to a house as it provides safety from extreme weather, insulation, and ventilation. However, you may ask yourself what are the warning signs of when that roof is becoming a problem to you and your family? Consider these options, and if the signs are there, you may want to start looking for a roofer to fix the roof over your head. So take a ladder, climb up and inspect your roof for these warning signs

1). The most important sign is being from within the house. If you’re watching television on a rainy day and you notice some water leaking into your home, this is not good. While some patch work may be done to fix a simple leak, it can formulate future problems, and become a cause of concern. If you notice weather getting into your house, or even daylight coming through the roof boards, it may be time to invest for a new roof.

2). Another factor is shingles missing from the top of your roof. Shingles provide protection from rain, snow, heat, and other contributing factors of potential damage. When shingles start to break off, or go missing this could be another sign of needing a new roof. If you notice your singles starting to warp, twist, or go upright then you need to have this checked immediately.

3). A huge factor determining your roof is its age since last repair. If you bought the house with no repairs done to the roof you may want to bring an inspector over to have it checked for any signs of damaging, or deterioration. Usually a roof needs to be fixed every twenty years or so, and it may also be extremely costly for a roof repair, which can run you twenty thousand dollars. Before buying a house you should know the assessment of the roof right away to avoid dipping into your savings for a brand new roof.

4). Lastly, check for chimney flashing which is when the roof meets a section of the wall. The flashing is a metal confined to the chimney to prevent leaks and spillage. If you notice that your flashing is starting to chip, crack, or go missing, have this installed immediately to prevent excessive damage to your roof.

These are some of the early warning signs to buying a new roof!

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