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Learning a new Language is Always Fun!

Bilingual boom?

If you are currently living in Canada, it may be worth your while to pick up a second language! According the CBC, Canada is becoming more and more bilingual and linguistically diverse. French-English bilingualism has never been higher, and more people are speaking languages other than French and English at a higher rate than ever before.

Non-French-English bilingualism?

The amount of people who speak a language other than the non-official languages of Canada is up by 14.5% to 7.6 million while the amount of people who speak a language at home other than French and English is up to 23%. However, English and French are still the dominant languages spoken in the home with 2% of the population speaking only languages other than French and English in the home.

What are the most popular languages?

Canada has a diverse population in general, so the amount of languages spoken are vast. The most popular is Mandarin with well over 600,000 people. The second is Cantonese with roughly 590,000 speakers, and the third highest is Punjabi with roughly 560,000. Comparing this to the languages that have decreased in popularity in Canada shows the way immigration has turned. German, Italian, and Polish decreased in popularity while Tagalog, Arab, Hindi and Farsi have all increased.

So, open up those language textbooks, and get learning to keep up with the high demand for polyglots!

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