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Leaving Your Home for Vacation

You're on the last leg of summer, and you're patiently awaiting that final day when you set out for a much deserved vacation. With all the excitement and anticipation of leaving for a lengthy amount of time, you must get a few priorities in order first. When it comes to leaving your house with your family -- whether you have an animal that needs attention, plants that need watering, or even just a daily checkup of your house -- consider these options and solutions to the situation. Should you worry about leaving your home alone to potential threats? Absolutely, but this is a normalcy in society. I'm here ensure once you get back home, it'll seem like you never left in the first place.

Make your own checklist

When it comes to leaving, you may want to be up-to-date with your security systems. It's best to give your house a walk through to check all alarms in case an intruder breaks into your home. If you do not have security in your home, take the proper steps. Make sure your neighbors know you will be on vacation. If they notice anything, they should call the authorities right away. If you own a dog, and you installed an adequate doggy door, make sure to lock it. It's the little things that can cause a serious problem if gone unnoticed. Let's talk about animals. It's common to have an animal living in your home. However, if you're leaving on vacation, it's upsetting to see your furry loved one left inside an empty home without attention. If you have a family member, or neighbor that you trust, give them the key to your house. They can feed and give your pet some much-needed attention. If you have the finances, you can have the animal sent to an animal hotel for the week. Animal hotels feed your animal daily, take them for walks, and give them a proper grooming. These run a high bill, so be prepared!

Be proactive for a better outcome

If you have plants in the house, properly place them in the right areas for sunlight. Again, if you have loved ones or neighbors who you can trust, leave them necessary directions for taking care of your plants. Many plants only need watering once or twice a week. Water them before you leave, and have a caretaker water them mid-week. Before you leave, make sure all electrical appliances are turned off, as well as your oven or stove. Believe me when I say this, many people do leave the house with appliances still plugged in! Even though appliances are inspected and certified, bad things can happen. It's better to be safe than sorry. I would suggest making sure all your garbage bags are thrown out to prevent coming home to a lovely smell throughout your living space. Same goes for any old food or snacks in your fridge that are way past their expiration date. When it comes to the outside, if you have a pool, keep the pump running to avoid any unnecessary buildup. I would also take a trip up to your roof, and see if the gutters are clear, or even if the roof may need some urgent attention. Checking for these things may result in a better outcome once you come home from vacation.

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