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Safety Tips for Moving

Move Safely and SecurelyWhen you're moving your belongings -- whether you're getting rid of it, moving it to a new room, or moving it into a new home -- it's important to keep your safety and the safety of others in mind. Moving can put stress on your mind, wallet, and your body. And if you're not careful, you could end up really hurting yourself.

If possible, it's important to remember these tips to keep everyone involved safe from danger. 

When moving there are always bound to be accidents, major and minor. To minimize the amount that happen, its important to stay organized and plan ahead. If you stay organized, execute your plan properly, and think before you act, your risk of getting hurt will be a lot lower than if you're picking up heavy items before knowing where they're going. Make checklists; label and colour code boxes according to which room they are going in. Not only will you know exactly where things are going, but it also helps the process run smoother, and it saves you from experiencing aches and pains for days after you move.
You should never try to move your entire house alone; this is a very bad idea. You'll hurt yourself AND it will take a very long time to move everything from your old home and to your new one. Instead, ask for help; it'll cost more than doing it yourself, but trust us, you won't regret it. can get you free estimates for packing, shipping, and unpacking your home. 
It's important to keep each box at a reasonable weight, so you're not struggling to carry around boxes all day; if it feels uncomfortable, it's already too heavy to move. If you're going to be carrying furniture and boxes all day, do you really want to be struggling the entire time? Keep each box around 50 lbs... you'll thank us later. 
Keep your form in mind when lifting the boxes. It sounds silly, but it's important to lift items properly in order to avoid injury. Don't lift with your back. Instead, keep your back straight and lift with your legs. Your legs contain some of the strongest muscles in the human body, so put them to good use! 
Keep the path you are traveling clear of clutter, boxes and other obstacles as it'll keep you from tripping or trying to move items out of your way while moving the items you have in your arms. 
It may seem obvious, but wearing the proper attire while moving is pertinent to staying safe. We can't stress this enough this isn't a fashion show, you're moving. Don't wear flip flops, dresses, or baggy clothes. Wear something comfortable that you can wear for hours and don't care about getting dirty. Your new neighbors can see your beautiful clothing later when you're all moved in.
It's important to follow the above steps so your move runs smoothly and you're not rushing to the hospital (knock on wood) for stitches or a cast. Control what you can, and don't stress over the things you can't and best of luck with your future move. 

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