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Surfaces You Should Clean Weekly

Most can agree that cleaning is not on the top of the "favourite things to do" list and because it is so long, we may put off cleaning certain items if they don't appear dirty.

There are times where you may  save cleaning or even leave your laundry for weeks at a time and definitely shouldn't, leaving you cleaning and scrubbing longer and harder than you need to. Here are some items that you should clean every week instead of letting them sit. 


Laundry, sometimes it's left for weeks at a time until your hamper is overflowing onto your floor, this is a big no, no when it comes to doing laundry, not only does it make your job harder, but if you reuse a towel more than 3 times in between washes, you are defeating the purpose of your shower. If you live with multiple people, have each person wash a load; for example, one person does whites and another does darks. This makes the load lighter and the job gets done faster. 
Stoves, microwaves, fridges are appliances that may appear clean, but are actually housing hundreds of germs that can easily affect your health. To clean these items and avoid the gross build up, just wipe down once a week with a disinfectant wipe or a clean sponge weekly (note: don't forget to microwave your sponge for 15 seconds or until it sizzles to kill all the germs on it).
Furniture - When you were little, do you remember running your finger over your parent's dusty furniture? While it may be fun to "draw" in while you were younger, it looks awful and it could damage your furniture. According to Good House Keeping's Carolyn Forte "Dust can be abrasive and can put fine scratches in the finish if something rubs against it," so if your child is swiping off some dust with their fingers, it could be damaging your furniture. Using a dry cloth and furniture polish, wipe down your furniture once a week to extend and protect the life of your furniture.
Carpets can be tricky because even though it appears clean, but need a weekly vacuuming (especially in high-traffic areas). If you wait too long heavy dirt can get ground into the fabrics of your rug, so you are literally just "scratching the surface" when it comes to vacuuming. Vacuuming weekly can get rid of the heavy dirt and the dust that sits on the surface.
Tubs and Showers are breeding grounds for germs. The warm wet environment is perfect for mildew and scum to grow if it is not properly cleaned. Use cleaner every week can help your shower fight against stains caused by mildew and shower-scum. To help the cleaning process, run a squeegee over the surface after each shower; it may keep you in there a little longer, but a dry shower, makes for a mildew-free shower. 
Bathrooms in general are pretty gross rooms to clean; between the shower, sink and the toilet, this is probably the most dreaded room to clean. Believe it or not, leaving the lid on your toilet when you flush, releases water particles that can spray up to six feet across the room -- gross right? If you live with roommates or family members, enact a "lid-down" rule. It'll help keep your bathroom cleaner, with that, cleaning your bathroom surfaces, as well as your toilet weekly can keep it a more sanitary room and make cleaning it a little less dreadful. The fastest way to clean the thrown, is to pour 1 cup of bleach in the bowl itself and scrub around the sides and under the rim; let it sit for five minutes, close the lid and flush.

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