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How to Tell Your Boss You're Moving

Leaving jobs can be difficult, and Canadians change jobs at least 15 times over the course of their careers! So when it'stime to let your boss know that you're moving on -- not only from your current position but from your current town, province or even country -- it can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you let your employer know that you're moving in the most professional way possible. 

Give enough notice

In most cases, two weeks advance notice is considered customary when notifying an employer that you're resigning from your position. If you're moving and are certain of your departure date, try to offer more time in case they'd like you to be part of the hiring process for your replacement. Aim to inform your boss anywhere between six weeks ahead of your move or at the very least two weeks before your planned move date. This is generally considered enough time. 

Tell them in-person
When notifying your boss of your move, the best and most effective way to communicate is meeting with them in-person. It can be daunting to let your boss know that you're quitting, but it might help you lessen the blow and take a bit of weight off your shoulders. 

Sending an email to your boss is impersonal and sends the wrong message about why you're leaving your company. When you meet with your boss, let him or her know your reason for relocating and reiterate that your relocation is due to outside circumstances, not because of your current job -- unless it is and in that case you should be honest but not confrontational. You've already decided to leave the company, there's no need to burn the bridge as well. 

Don't burn bridges
Providing at least two weeks advance notice and telling your boss in-person are the best steps to ensure you're leaving your job in a professional manner and on good terms. If you let your boss know that you're moving, offer two weeks notice and then mysteriously vanish for the next two weeks, chances are a good recommendation from your former boss and coworkers isn't in your future. It's important to maintain at least a modicum of professionalism when you're quitting your job -- offer enough notice and finish any projects you might be working on before your last day. 

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