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The Seasonal Routine Cleanup

The Seasonal Routine Cleanup

It’s that time of year were you’re thinking about cleaning up the clutter, dust, and all the other housing situations that may be a nuisance to you. When it comes to my cleaning habits, I clean my house every season, just to avoid allergies, and buildup. I have you covered with easy-to-do steps for keeping a clean, and polished house.

First thing is cleaning the floors. Cleaning the floors and maintaining them can be a tedious, and hectic task. However, the smaller your home, the smaller ground you need to cover. Floors tend to attract the most dust and dirt, which can progressively build up over time. I tend to do a two-sweep process. First, I take a broom, sweep the ground I need to cover, then take a Swiffer Wet Jet Mop, which is a spray mop and get any grime that may be stuck to your floors. Once you cover your ground, let it dry for ten to fifteen minutes, and watch your old, dirty floor become polished, and brand new!

When it comes to dusting, you may have been avoiding areas that collect the most dust. Windows, antiquities, televisions, your bed frame, and lastly your fans and vents. Dust can be a very crucial, and harmful factor to your children, your pets, and even yourself. Vacuum your rugs, take lint rollers, dusters and give these areas necessary attention. Once dusted use a furniture polish, or glass-cleaner to give it that final coat of being clean.

Decluttering your house can be easy and rewarding once finished. I tend to keep things lying around the house from long periods of time. You’ll eventually start to realize that you have no easy walking space around your home, and accidents may occur. Buy some storage containers, and pack those items away. If you have children, they like to keep their toys, and games around the house. Invest in an open cabinet, or toy bin where these items can be properly stored for future use, that way you won’t be stepping on anything that can result in trip to the emergency room.

These are just a few easy situations for that season cleanup!

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