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Tasty, Delicious, Must-Have Foods of Canada

I'm a foodie, and by being a foodie, I mean that my main goal is to always eat. Every country around the world has their own distinct foods, and we should explore these cultural dishes and how they’re prepared. When it comes to trying different foods around the world, it's best to have some optimism, take in the aromas, and widen your taste buds. I'm here to discuss several foods you absolutely must try if you plan on visiting Canada. From salt to sweet, I have you covered... leaving your stomachs full and a satisfied smile on your face.

Nothing wrong with trying new things!

  • If you ever had a delicious Greek gyro, I would consider the donair to be its twin brother! Donair is a rich meat that is served over pita or poutine. Halifax, Nova Scotia named donair their official food! To be named the official food of a city must mean something great, so give it a try.

  • Poutine, the mecca of Canadian dishes, is the quintessential staple of all things Canada in terms of food. This dish is loaded with a plethora of different tastes. We have a mountain of rich cut fries loaded with a thick and creamy gravy. This is then topped with cheese curds. I prefer my cheese extra melted, so you get gravy and cheese on every bite! Poutine has been upgraded, involving adding meats, spices, or vegetables to the mix.

  • Surprisingly enough the Hawaiian pizza concoction originated in Canada in 1962. In all honesty, Hawaiian pizza is my favorite topping, and it never disappoints. You have the pizza crust, tomato sauce, fresh pineapple, and smoked ham. What you get is not only a delicious rendition of pizza, but also something you'll be ordering on a weekly basis from now on.

  • America and Canada sure do love bacon, especially for breakfast. Canadian bacon, also called back bacon, is much leaner than American bacon. It is circular cut slice of cured pork loin and belly that goes excellent with eggs or hash browns.

  • Beaver Tail (I can assure you) is not a meal where you'll be eating beaver. This is a delicious sweet dessert made famous in Canada for those needing an after-dinner snack. Beaver Tail is a fried dough pastry shaped to resemble a beaver tail. The tail is coated with fixings such as fudge, marshmallow, graham crackers, cinnamon, and whipped cream. If you have a sweet tooth, Beaver Tail will satisfy your needs.

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