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Transform a Room into an Office

Make A Home OfficeProcrastination, creative block, distraction — these productivity killers can pop up at anytime and put a damper on a good work day. Quite often, it’s our surroundings that cause the production train to derail. Maybe your space is cluttered, you feel uncomfortable, or you’re magnetically drawn to the presence of the materials for your latest hobby.
Have no fear! Here are great tips to turn your work space into a productive and happy one, letting you stay on track and make the most of every billable hour.
1. Max out on space
Home offices tend to be short on space, often being housed in a spare room or corner - so furnish wisely. 
  • Use wall storage such as racks and display shelves to take up less space than filing cabinets.
  • Create more room for working by using a pull-out desk - put it away when you're done.
  • Make the most of awkward corner spaces with an L-shaped desk.
2. Have the right set up
If you're planning on spending most of the day in your office, invest in quality equipment.
  • Buy a chair that's comfy and supports your back. Good seating is a must when it comes to productivity. 
  • Position your desk in a light area. Research has shown exposure to daylight while working makes you more active, improves sleep quality and even your quality of life.
  • Use mobile furniture to locate your office to a desired location when working - once done, store your portable office out of the way.
3. Make it a multipurpose space
If you don't have the luxury to dedicate a whole room to an office, create a double duty workspace.
  • Pick office furniture that blends in with the rest of the room's decor.
  • Transform your office into a guest bedroom instantly with space savers such as foldaway beds.
  • Use curtains or room dividers to make your office space disappear when not in use.
4. Don't mix work and play
Even with the best intentions, there's bound to be overlap when working from home.
  • Examine your working area and remove any distractions that may have crept in. Add a 'do not disturb' sign to your office  door if family members tend to disturb you.
  • Maintain a physical boundary for your work space - this will help with mentally creating a more productive office.
  • Have lunch out of your office to keep it strictly business.
5. Don't forget the finer details
Just like any other room in the house, finishing touches will make your office feel more homely.
  • Add plants. It has been proven to enhance concentration and improve productivity.
  • Dedicate a comfy space away from your desk for reading and thinking breaks.
  • Add some personality to your office with art. Create DIY canvases for a more personal touch. 

Creating the perfect home office can sometimes be trial and error. See what works best for you by innovating and staying inspired - just as your work will be

Photo courtesy of This Old House

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