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Using Household Items to Clear Snow

Quirky Ways to Clear SnowThe severe weather begins, and you feel tense just thinking about clearing your car the next morning. Stores sell plenty of de-icing salts for your sidewalk, but what about your vehicle? You already own several items in your household that can help with advance preparation. Check out this compilation of hacks to relieve this anxiety.

  1. Produce can assist beforehand. Slice a potato or an onion, and wipe the flat pieces over all windows to protect from ice. Why does this work? Sugar. Sucrose molecules break down the water molecules to melt any ice or snow.
  2. Before snowfall, place a sock over each windshield wiper. Pull them up off the windshield, so ice does not freeze them to the glass. Prying iced wipers off a windshield shortens their life and ruins the motor.
  3. Put a plastic grocery bag or Ziplock around side mirrors to thwart accumulation. Simply remove in the morning, and the often forgotten mirrors will be free of debris. No scraping necessary!
  4. If you forget to take preventative measures, make a solvent with common household ingredients. Mix two parts vinegar and two parts water; drench all windows with the distilled solution. The ice will slide right off!
  5. Are your locks frozen? Can’t get your door open? Pour a couple drops of hand sanitizer on your key, gently push into the lock (keyword: gently!), and wiggle around (again, gently!) to distribute the liquid throughout. Hand sanitizers contain rubbing alcohol which lower the freezing point of water and therefore melts ice.
  6. You car is ready, but what about the driveway? Non-stick cooking spray on your shovel keeps it clean and free of buildup. The chore is hard enough without the heaviness created by wet snow sticking to the shovel. A few sprays will keep the snow sliding right off.

What are some hacks you use? Tell us in the comments!

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