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Valentine's Day Home Makeover

Romantic RenovationsValentine's Day is upon us! The holiday celebrating love, originated as a Christian feast day honoring one or more early saints named Valentinus. It is recognized by many countries around the world but is not considered a public holiday in any of them. The association with love came in the 14th century when the tradition of courtly love began to flourish. Since then, it has become an expected holiday for lovers worldwide. If you're looking to throw a party or simply make your home fit the occasion, we compiled a few ways to bring Valentine's Day to your home. 

Play with colour

Besides the quintessential red, also add vibrant blushes and pinks to your home to spark that Valentine's Day feel. Swapping out some of your current pieces for Valentine's Day themed colours goes a long way. Try some of ideas and see how they work in your home:
  • Bathroom: Swap neutral colours for scarlets and pinks.
  • Living Room: Swap your throw pillows for colourful decorative ones in fuchsia or red.

Romantic feel

Love and romance are practically synonymous. And what's Valentine's Day without some romance? Add more candles around your space to give a soft, intimate, and romantic vibe. Place them in the dining room, on night stands, and around counter-tops; give them different heights and displays to add some variety. Flowers and vases will do just as well and serve as a perfect compliment to the candles. A bouquet thoughtfully placed, whether in their hand or a vase, is a guaranteed method of sparking love. 

Keep it whimsical

Valentine's Day is definitely one of the more playful holidays, so use that to your advantage! Keep the theme fun, light, and cheerful. Add stuffed animals and chocolates for the traditional holiday paraphernalia. Cheesy isn't shameful on this holiday either. Create heart shaped displays, and place your favorite pictures of each other within. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Tell us your holiday decor plans in the comment section below!

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