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Vegetables and That Perfect Garden

Its one thing to go to the store and pick out fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis, but its even better to grow your own within your home. Utilizing a big backyard to your advantage can create a great harvest for those wanting their own fresh, delicious, vegetables to cook and eat. Here are some important steps when deciding it's the perfect time to create that perfect garden.
The first important thing is picking the right space for your garden. Usually you'll need a nice area of land in your backyard, preferably a size of 10x10 ft. You'll need to make sure that the area you'll be gardening in has direct sunlight as most crops need 6 hours of sunlight for health and growth. If you plant in an area with shadows, this will obstruct the growth process with your vegetables. 
Next step is soil. Soil is the most vital key in making sure your crops are well fed with nutrients. In order to have a rich garden, soil should be kept moist, and wet. Also you'll need to factor in the seasons of the year as they effect your soil as well. Adding compost, and mulch can save your soil bed during fall, winter, and spring time.  
Variety is important when you're distinguishing what vegetables you plan on growing. The most common vegetables to grow are onions, beets, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, and peppers. Also you'd want to grow in increments weekly, so that when you pull out fresh crops, you'll have backups growing when you run out for the future. 
These are the steps in growing a successful garden. Being proactive and dedicated is key to developing that perfect harvest and saving costs at your local food market. For those looking to venture out in gardening, and growing their own produce, this is the best opportunity to give it a try, you'll be glad you did!

Get That Garden Going!

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