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Winter or Spring?

Believe it or not, moving in the winter has proven to be easier, cheaper, and more convenient than any other season. Spring has always been the best season to list your home, because buyers are more likely to look at your home; gardens are in full bloom, and nothing is cold and dead.

So while it may seem like the smarter move to list in spring, you are less likely to have competition if you list in the winter. 

As previously stated, spring is a very popular time of year to list and buy a home; that means real estate agents are more available during the winter to assist you with your real estate needs.

More than likely, people will aim to sell their homes in the spring/summer season. But if they have to relocate for work or have some reason they need to move as soon as possible, they are looking to sell and sell fast! This means there is more of a chance that you can low-ball and save big! 

This may be news to you, but moving companies are also often cheaper come winter as it is considered their off-season. They may even be willing to offer a discount and offer weekend hours to entice customers.

Along with every other moving service, booking tradespeople can be easier as well. So if you are looking to have your locks changed or upgrade the plumbing system in your new home, chances are you'll have an easier time booking in the dead of winter rather than in the heart of spring.

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