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America Looks North as Jokes Run Dry

Americans love to use the phrase, "I'm moving to Canada." They think it's the perfect way to explain their discontent with an issue -- equating it to the hassle of an international move. Having a fight with your parents? Move to Canada. Your favorite makeup was discontinued? Move to Canada. You don'... more

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Alexa-enabled Home Security

Do you use a virtual assistant to make your home talk back? Artificial intelligence aides have been gaining popularity in a generation where both parents work, because they need a helping hand in their domestic endeavors. The purpose of a voice-activated speaker is to fit seamlessly into your daily ... more

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Companies That Started in a Garage

However massive they may seem now, at one time, some of the largest and most successful companies around started in someone's garage. Sometimes the garage was at the childhood home of the company's founders. Other times, the entrepreneurs had to rent a garage just to get a little privacy for their i... more

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