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Moving Tips from Recent Grads

Adulting is pretty scary -- not only do you no longer no longer have a safety net, but you now have to find a place to live outside of your perfect, little bubble. Your parents try to give you advice because "they've been where your are now," but that was years ago, you want advice from someone who'... more

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Surprise Fees You May Come Across When Renting

It's your first apartment; you're so excited to get your life started. You've worked out all your bills and payments and won't struggle or be apartment poor. Move-in day comes along and you're all of a sudden hit with fees you weren't expecting! Before you move in, you should be prepared for any ex... more

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Turn Your Apartment Into A Home

Apartments come with their own set of perks and challenges. If there's a leak in the roof, who do you call? The landlord. If there's something wrong with your stove top, who do you call? The landlord. Renting an apartment offers tenants freedom from repairs in their living space; but when it comes t... more

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