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The Seasonal Routine Cleanup

The Seasonal Routine Cleanup It’s that time of year were you’re thinking about cleaning up the clutter, dust, and all the other housing situations that may be a nuisance to you. When it comes to my cleaning habits, I clean my house every season, just to avoid allergies, and buildup. I ha... more

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Stay Organized by Fixing These Small Mistakes

A clean home is so refreshing to walk into. The walls almost seem like they are shining along with your home decor making you feel cozy and organized. However, a lot of the time cleanliness is mistaken for organized. Just because your home is clean doesn't mean it's necessarily organized--or even fu... more

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How to Organize Your Garage

Everyone has that one drawer in their house where you throw items that don’t really have a place. It’s usually referred to as the “junk drawer.” This also tends to happen with your garage.  Your garage tends to be full boxes that consist of holiday decorations, old cloth... more

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