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Who You Need to Notify When Moving

When you’re preoccupied with getting ready for a move, it’s easy to forget about letting relevant people and institutions know about your upcoming move and change of address. But notifying specific places and people of your relocation is essential for ensuring a smooth moving process and... more

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4 DIY Board Game Ideas

If you're looking for family fun this winter, we may have just the thing. With a few items you probably have around the house and a little bit of creativity, you can make some of your favourite classic board games! These DIY projects can get the whole family together, so you can enjoy making the gam... more

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3 Ways to Keep in Touch After Moving to University

Just because you're moving away to school in a few weeks doesn't mean you need to end your friendships. These goodbyes will only be temporary because there are plenty of ways to keep in touch after moving to university housing. 1. Get social This is the twenty-first century, guys! We have compu... more

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