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How to Avert Damages While You Move

Imagine this: you have just bought your first home and are all set and packed up -- ready to transport items into your new home. As you or the movers begin to move a dresser upstairs into the master bedroom, there's a slight fumble... a corner slips out from underneath someone's hand. Your eyes grow... more

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Turn Your Apartment Into A Home

Apartments come with their own set of perks and challenges. If there's a leak in the roof, who do you call? The landlord. If there's something wrong with your stove top, who do you call? The landlord. Renting an apartment offers tenants freedom from repairs in their living space; but when it comes t... more

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Tips For Moving in Together

Moving in together can be a design challenge. Combining the pieces that you love so that they look well with the things they love can lead more than a few heated discussions. “Emotions get really high when it comes to your belongings if the person you’re choosing to spend the rest o... more

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