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Manage Your Stress While Renovating

How many times have you been flipping through TV shows and saw a commercial where a gorgeous home with renovations is on display? Or maybe you were leafing through a magazine and saw an updated kitchen with beautiful design and theme... then you look up from the magazine to your kitchen and realize ... more

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Top Five Public Restrooms in Canada

With features you'd only expect in the highest end luxury mansion, these public restrooms go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that their visitors have the cleanest and fanciest experiences. The contenders range from a washroom in a 4-star hotel in Montreal, to a gas station bathroom al... more

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DIY Home Decor Projects to Update Your Space

DIY home decor projects are usually fun and often inexpensive making their return on investment high -- basically you get a lot of home decor bang for not a lot of bucks with these DIY projects. You've probably seen a lot of projects on Pinterest and fawned over how great they look, and thought that... more

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