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How to Make Friends After Moving Overseas

If you have recently moved overseas to a new country, there is a lot to get used to! Being alone in foreign place, so far from your family and friends, is usually the most difficult adjustment. If you're struggling to make friends in your new country after you move, read on for some helpful tips to ... more

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More Canadian Homes Being Purchased by U.S. Buyers

A weakening loonie means less Canadians are buying U.S. homes. It also means that more of our neighbours in the South are buying homes in Canada. U.S. citizens buying Canadian real estate While the loonie has strengthened slightly in recent weeks, it's still around 24 percent below where it was in 2... more

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Meet Van Girls, London's First All-Female Moving Company

Founded in 2011 by Emma Lanman, Van Girls is the first moving company of its kind in London. Lanman quit her job at the fire brigade and opted to start her own business. The business? An all-female moving company, to appeal to women who might be more inclined to hire other women to get the job done ... more

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