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Sexiest Prime Minister on the Planet

Our jealous American friends cannot stop talking about Justin Trudeau. Born to a prime minister, Justin Trudeau assumed his place in office a little over a year ago. However, his celebrity status sometimes eclipses Trudeau’s stances, and the Canadian honeymoon period is waning. People recently... more

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Home is in Disrepair

OTTAWA - The official residence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is drafty, leaky and in dire need of repairs, NPR reports. Trudeau's mother, Margaret Trudeau has stated in the past that the home is "the crown jewel of the federal penitentiary system." Canada's Official Residence at 24 Sussex Drive... more

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New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Plans to Legalize Marijuana

In a December 4th speech, Canada's new Liberal government outlined its legislative plan for the country going forward. Included in that agenda was a measure to fully legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Newly elected prime minister Justin Trudeau has reaffirmed this plan, which would make Can... more

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