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Keywords And Phrases To Sell Your Home

Making your listing the most attractive option to potential buyers can be the only thing standing between a quick closing and a house that lingers too long on the market. In part four of our epic quest to create the perfect home listing yourself, we take a look at how to add some flair to your home&... more

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Home Staging Tips to Take Perfect Listing Photos

First, we gave you some tips to write the perfect listing for your home. Then, we showed you some tricks to take perfect photos with your smartphone. In week three of our epic quest to help you create the perfect listing for your home, we are going to share some secrets to staging your home. With th... more

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Shoot Perfect Listing Photos with Your iPhone

Last week, we wrote about how to write a great listing for your home. Of course, a great listing isn't complete without compelling photos to go along with it. The smartphone has become an indispensable life tool - like for shooting photos for your listing.    There are more than one millio... more

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