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10 Celebrities Who Are Definitely Maybe Moving to Canada on Wednesday

We've been talking about it for over a year. Endlessly discussing the potential for Americans to move to Canada, or at least threaten to move and not actually follow through. But finally, the US election is tomorrow and everyone will stay where they are, and we'll have four years of peace until the ... more

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Stephen Colbert Tries to Move to Canada

Anyone who doesn't live under a rock knows that the United States presidential election is a bit of a mess. And as they do every four years, Americans talk about their back-up plan to move to Canada if their candidate doesn't win. This is nothing new as you can see here, here, and here, and her... more

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Escaping the US Election? Moving to Canada is About to Get Easier

For months, Americans on both ends of the political spectrum have been threatening to move to Canada if their candidate doesn't get elected this fall.  For the most part, these were empty threats, even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn't take them seriously, but now the new American ... more

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