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The Two Month Long Path Towards Moving

You're getting ready to move and it's 2 months before the big day. You think you have all the time in the world, but in reality you're running out of time; it's at this point where you should start the process.   Eight weeks before your moving day, you should start researching moving companie... more

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Moving a Pool Table On Your Own

Looking to move your pool table?    This post is going to help you figure out how to DIY!    Now, to move a pool table, you'll need at least three extra people, but do not be afraid to use more than that. The table portion is made of a very hard rock that can weigh more than 800 ... more

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Vancouver Moving Company Fined For Deceiving Customers

Canadian Van Lines is facing penalties totaling more than $14,000 after a Consumer Protection B.C. Investigation that they were deceiving their customers. Also known as Coronation Van Lines, the company was found to be engaging in deceptive business practices. They knowingly and repeatedly made fals... more

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